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Articles - Cable Modem Sharing

This article will explain how to share a cable modem connected through a NIC card with Windows ME (maybe for 95/98 and NT/2000 also) with a system with Linux that also has a NIC card. At the end, both the Linux and the Windows ME computer will be able to access the internet using the cable modem simultaneously.

Let's assume the Windows ME computer will be the host. First, you need to install another NIC card (you *must* have TWO network cards in the host system). Under 'Dialup Networking' you will now see two LAN icons. Right click on the LAN cable connection and click Properties. Select the "Internet Sharing" tab. This tab will ONLY be visible if you have installed the second nic card. Check the box for Internet Connection Sharing. Only enable sharing for the host, no others. Your host system will be given the IP: Hook up the cable modem to the first NIC card. Now, you will need to hook up the second NIC card to your hub. All of the systems (ie Linux) that you hook up to your hub will need to be setup for DHCP. You can turn off all DNS, Gateway, and other options, and simply select "Get IP automatically" on the machines hooked up to the hub. If you are using a firewall, be sure to configure it on the host, and 'trust' the 192.169.*.* segment of your home network.

Thanks to David Scheid for sharing this information.

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