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Welcome to the Linux Area! Please help this site grow by using the discussion boards and forums. Just click the link on the top right area of the site. This site is a brand new site. It's success is determined by you!

This site was first published on May 6, 2002. This new, developing, site will feature a message board, articles on how-to do various things in Linux, and a newsletter. This Linux site will teach everybody who is new to Linux (including me) various things.

My Linux system is a Red Hat Linux 7.3 system. Like a lot of people, I'm just a newbie trying to learn and use Linux. By creating this web site I can help Linux newbies, including me, to use Linux.

I hope you enjoy this Linux site. Please use the message boards frequently and please do visit The Linux Area often. Thanks.

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The Penguin Says:

Use our Linux-Area's discussion boards to interact with the Linux community. Are you an experienced Linux user? Then please contact and give him some tips on running Linux!

The Linux-Area Penguin Listing Files The ls Command One of the most useful commands is the ls command. Every Linux user should be familiar with this command. It simply lists what files are stored in the current directory. To use this command you simply type ls on the prompt:

$ ls

Last Update: August 26, 2002

Linux Kernel
Stable - 2.4.19
Beta - 2.5.31

This information regarding the kernel is from The Linux Kernel Archives @

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